Saturday, August 1, 2009

Best, Worst, Hardest

Best Food:
Cindy-Mexican Food in Superior, Arizona
Jimmy-Bar-B-Cued Brisket, light bread, potato salad and sweet tea in Blanco, Texas

Best Day:
Cindy- St. Augustine-July 29: the finish
Jimmy- Louisiana in the rain-July 22

Worst Day:
Cindy-Silver City, NM-lost keys
Jimmy-Quartzite, AZ-Phoenix-5 flats

Hardest Day:
Cindy-Texas traffic-July 17
Jimmy-Tie: Texas Mountains-July 10
El Paso/ The endless expressway in the heat July 8

Best motel:
Cindy: Days Inn-Chipley, Florida
Jimmy: Comfort Inn-Del Rio, Texas


  1. And the best effort by a couple in the month of July......Jimmy and Cindy!!! Way to go both of you. You make a great team and are definately powered by God. Good to have you home. Randy

  2. ... hence, "Don't Mess with Texas." Love ya!